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Tashi Choeling center provides a wide range of teachings on Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and ritual. Students new to Buddhism are introduced to the Buddhist basics of the four noble truths, refuge, altruistic motivation, and stages of the path to enlightenment. Advanced students continue their studies of philosophical views and meditative techniques of various schools of Tibetan Buddhism. In particular we concentrate on studies of the Buddhist views of reality or emptiness, as well as views and practices of Buddhist Tantra, focusing on Kalacakra practice. Interested students also learn how to play ritual instruments, how to make offerings, and so forth. In a word, we try to encompass all mail elements of that constitute Buddhist view and practice, and treat them as parts of an interdependent whole known as Tibetan Buddhism.

Our objective is to introduce students to the rich world of the Buddhist thought and practice, to promote understanding of Tibetan Buddhism, and to use Buddhist teachings as means to promote happiness, peace, and mutual understanding. We are not interested in “converting” anyone to any one faith, whether Buddhist or other. Our center welcomes all interested people regardless their personal faith.