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A prescribed path must be followed to attain either of the states of Nirvana described above: the true path, the fourth of the Noble Truths. Hinayana and Mahayana represent two schools of thought by which we discern this path. Hinayanists, the followers of the Lesser Way, basically seek to attain Nirvana for the individual's own sake. According to this school, the mind should be trained to exercise a strong will in order to renounce Samsara: it should pursue religious ethics (Shila), and simultaneously practice concentration (Samadhi) and meditation (Vipassana: Tibetan—Lhagthong), so that delusion and the seeds of delusion may be purged, and may not grow again. Thus Nirvana is attained. The paths to be followed include the Paths of Preparation, Application, Seeing, Practice and Fulfillment.

By H. H. the Dalai Lama of Tibet