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Khengpo Tsultrim Dhargey Rinpoche (the abbot of Lungkya Monastery in Tibet) was born in 1963 is a highly qualified master from The Jonangpa School of Tibetan tradition. He began his monastic education in 1980 and he received title of Khenpo (professor) in 1988.

Rinpoche has studied the Perfection Tradition and Secret Mantra path. Additionally, he studied Tibetan language, Poetry and astrology. He completed his training of other-emptiness viewpoint from Lama Lobsang Trinley. As one who had practiced Kalachakra Tantra in complete solitude for years, and also knows the madhyamaka of both Ge-lukpa order and Jonangpa tradition.
In 2001, Khengpo Rinpoche was invited to University of Virginia as a professor to teach graduate classes on the view of otheremptiness for half year. Khengpo Rinpoche is a very popular practitioner, scholar and is an expert of Kalachakra Tantra of Tibetan Buddhism in particular in Tibet, today.